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So yeah, things arent great at the moment, were not getting many gigs and im sick to death of playing through a crappy marshall JCM with my les paul using the same old chorus and delay pedals rocking on the same old wah, im sick of playing all of the usual rock number our band plays, i cant get any inspiaration to right riffs and i cant seem to right riffs that dont sound completly emo. i need some thing to get me back in to music music has lost its interest, there are hardly any bands that really get me excited and the ones i do arnt that great to play on guitar.
what can i do to spice up my playing?
id love to learn theory but where the hell do i start? its no good just saying there are plenty of lessons on UG because thats the whole point, there are too many i cant make my mind up about what to learn, im not the greatest player, my teacher thinks that i am at grade 7 playing ability, which i guess is good, but when it comes to riffs i cant think of any thing interesting, when it comes to solos i can play with feel i can do a lot of good techniques but they all sound boring to me, i can do some interesting studio experimentation style stuff but nothing thats really catchy.
i want to just spice up my playing make me more interested in playing guitar again, i dont know where to go from here.

im sorry i think i have done a similar "im depressed and i want to die" thread but i have tried every thing on that and my life is better but my music is boring.
Have you thought about recording some chord progressions and jamming a little? When I'm stuck or sick of playing the same stuff I'll record a chord progression and just sit back and improv over it.

If not pick up a new book and start slammin through it to learn some new things.
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take a break of guitar
learn a new instrument
listen to something completely different
ask your teacher to tech theory
There is more than one thing i have to say...
the only answer:

take a while off.

im serious.

once you stop playing the guitar for a while, and then you start again, im telling you, it works really well with the getting interested in the guitar again thing.

the other option is LISTEN!! I cant stress this enough, the more you listen, the more you will be able to write.

hope that helps!
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maybe you should 'quit' music.. instead of quite it.

the same thing happened to me not too long ago. You just have to give it some time. Get a new band together.. a band that can really blow peoples minds, and just have fun with it. Music isn't music if it isn't fun. Music is about fun, and if your not digging it you have to find some new way to make it fun. I say get a new band together, and try new things. Get a new amp, get a new guitar, get new pedals.. whatever, just make it cool for you.
hmmm theory starts wit chords scales cross picking etc.
thry them
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everyone needs a break from guitar at one point or another... i have obsessive stages with guitar and then id stop playing for a while then i get obsessed again. it all goes in cycles. once you play guitar, u cant fully quit for the rest of your life. u will eventually pick it up again.
just listen too the trooper by iron maiden. Get your arse pumped up. guitar is awesome, God gave rock and roll to you!! lol. most people get these phases. maybe take a break for a short period of time if you need it, then pick it back up. don't force yourself to play. maybe find a new band you havn't listened to or listen to awesome songs/guitarists to get your inspiration back.
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ok, first, i don't have many posts, but this did catch my eye.

first, quit your band if your not feeling the music with them. playing with many bands extends your playing ability, even if you don't think so, you'll get the feel of different styles, seeing as no musical instrument player is the same.

second, theory is a GREAT way to extend your musical capability, i'm not speaking about reading sheet music and everything(though it is helpful), but learning different scales, modes, chords, construction of phrases, melodies, and such is a great technique to spice up your writing.

some good books for learning theory are the james bastien theory books.
you can pick them up at just about any musical instrument store(i don't know about guitar center cuz i don't go there)

THE book to learn theory from though, is this college course book, called "Music In Theory and Practice" Its kinda expensive though. I got mine through a theory class in high school.. you can see it here.

Try learning different styles, such as jazz, classical, funk, or flamenco. You can then fuse together your styles into your playing.

Hope this helps a little.
ill try it, but i dunno i cant think of any good riffs, my singer and i have quite different tastes in music, id like to be able to sing but i just need advice on just singing better in general, i could do the whole singer song righter thing no problem because id be free to express my self more, but my brother plays drums and i love to jam with him its great fun i just have no confidence in my ability any thing i do i hate, thats why im glad i have the singer in my band to put it hand on my shoulder and say "ben that sounds good" or "ben maybe we dont use that riff" but the problem is that riffs can get boring after a while, i can do metal riffs no problem there so easy to right because it is such a boring genre for me because of the simplisity of the riff righting.

i love t rex and marc bolans style of song and wish bone ash are great but i also love the stranglers and then cream and hendrix.

how can i find my voice as a player?
i stopped playing guitar for 3 months - i was never so depressed
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if i quit guitar i should quit this website as well for a while, but temptaion will be hard. i duno if i could get a 3 week block on this website just to help me keep my mind of guitar i duno?
dude. don't quit. don't ever stop playing.. if its boring to you, then try picking up a different instrument, such as drums, or bass? what in particular is it that's hard about writing new riffs?

do you know about I - IV - V and such?
well every riff i right i hate, it could be a million times better than whole lotta love and id still hate it because i wrote it.

i have no clue about theroy, i no a scale and how to shift it about, i no chord names, well only the fact that its A or D chord not if its a ninth diminished add7 # what ever

do i know about I - IV - V and such?

No way
Do you have an ear developed?

ok, about I - IV - V

Ok, each key has a certain number of sharps/flats. We don't have to get into that though.
Say the key of G Major, which has 3-2-0-0-0-3 as its root chord/scale. Now, the chord progression(ex. I - IV - V) for G major includes-

Gmaj a min b min C maj D Maj e min f#dim

We can get into that bit alittle later.

----------------------------------------------------------------------E A D G B E
Ok, whatever you play, say an G major chord as in.. 3 2 0 0 0 3

Ok, Now, G is the I, as stated above. Now, the I chord can lead into ANY chord out of those 7 to be pleasing to the ear. Now say your rhythm plays a G, Now you build a riff surrounding that chord. To make it easy, start on the G note(third fret low E) and build it around the scale.

Now, play a C(IV). Nowinstead of starting on the G, start on the C and build a riff surrounding that note.

Now play a D(V). Now start on D and build a riff surrounding that.

Remember to build the riffs to where they lead into eachother.


I - I - I - I - - IV - IV - IV - IV - - V - V - V - V - - I----

Ok, see how the V chord(D) leads back to I(G)? That's because to the listener, the V chord usually sounds most appealing when it leads back to your root(G). I'll go on, but are you following so far?
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If you're looking for the easy way out of a rut, buy something new and exiting. That shiny Ibanez you (hypothetically) had your eye on... Buy it. It honestly puts a fresh breath into your playing.

As for the actual boredom of writing and stuff, go jam with more players. I find that my largest improvements come when I've been jamming with my mate or pwning n00bs at the shop :P, but I get in a rut if I just practice for a couple of weeks. Trust me, other people really influence and motivate you.

Or go back to basics. Imagine the exitement you fisrt had as you strated out, for me that means quitting the complicated Maiden harmonies and 'Tallica riffs, and going back to pumping out AC/DC and Zeppelin all night like I used to when I was 13. It's great. Try it.

Well, that's just some ideas.
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im sick to death of playing through a crappy marshall JCM with my les paul .


but seriously, don't ever give up music in general. You will realize it to be the worst decision in your life. You said you have a guitar teacher, well I'm sure he/she knows some theory. Get him/her to teach some to you. If they don't know any, well get a new teacher.
Also, take your own initiative. This site has some amazing theory lessons that will get you on the right track to writing riffs and knowing what to play.
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If your teacher doesn't know theory (and he/she definitely SHOULD know), you can probably take Music Theory I at your local community college or university.
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You'll come back to it...just don't sell your gear or give up on it, you'll regret it soon enough.
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Whoa...crappy JCM and LP?You must be really tired of guitars.

Anyway,stop playing for awhile,hang out with your friends and try other genres.Try to be open,dont just play metal all the time.
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If you play emo...start trying to play..say...grindcore? That'll excite you?
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Go on Youtube and search for "Phil Keaggy", then watch those vids. You'll end up either inspired or even more depressed, he's that good.

Edit: You could also try some acoustic stuff. Put away the LP, and the "crappy" jcm, and just go back to basics. I like rock and metal as much as the next guy, but acoustic is still my favorite.
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Forget all of what they're saying on learning new chords or something. I was in your position a couple of months ago, actually. I almost freakin' sold my guitar. I was going crazy.

You're in what's commonly called a "rut". Dude, all you need to do is this: Stop playing the guitar for a while. Really. During that time, search for new bands, since you said the ones you like aren't good for playing on guitar. I'd suggest Pantera, Slayer, and the classic, Metallica. Everyone learns from them.

Somehow, when I started playing again, I got pretty good. And I'm starting to be able to play solos with no knowledge whatsoever. I don't know how that's working, but hey, if I can play "Fade To Black", "Domination", and "Crazy Train" solos without any practice, it's fine by me.

I know what you're going through, and it's seriously frustrating and depressing. Just like I said, chill, and then come back to it later. It'll always be there. You'll find yourself refreshed and happy again.

Hope all goes well, because I feel for ya, man. It's total bullshit what you're going through, dude. Good luck.
try some stuff by protest the hero, but for me when i felt like quitting i started learning stuff by Yngwie Malmsteen, it turned guitar around for me, try learning blindfolds aside by protest and blue or far beyond the sun by Ygnwie
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do u guys know where i can get guitar tabs ive bin lookin every where on the internet..

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I got bored with guitar too for a while, started skratching and making beats, wasted tons of money on turntables, mixers, keyboards, mpc's and now I regret it, now I'm back into guitar harder then ever and wish I had spent that money I wasted on other gear on amps and guitars. Try taking a break for a bit until you it interests you again.
If you're not enjoying it anymore, there's no point in doing it. If you want to keep doing it, then listen to some new music and get inspired. Also, try not to label your music too much. If it sounds good, play it. Don't say, "Oh, it sounds emo, it sucks," if it sounds good.
It sounds to me that you are only focusing on catchy riffs and writing hit songs for people.

Why don't you try writing for yourself? If you like the riffs you write, even though they sound emo, who cares? Use them, mess around with them. Buy an octave pedal, flanger, pulsar, anything to spice it up.
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bump. we shouldn't let this dude quit guys.

cheers man

yes i have a developed ear(i think) please elaborate on what it is and ill let you know

sorry but jcm dsl 2000 things really piss me of they do not sound that appealing to me
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u said ur sick of all the same riffs and the usual rock thing u plau... try something else then. I started playing classical/ spanish guitar songs quite a while back (yeh i know it's electric guitar forum :P) and it was so different and after a while i was like... "ooooh let's play some metal again!!!". Just the experience i made, maybe something u should try.
Learn techinical stuff, sweep picking etc....exiting difficult licks, learn something different, classical guitar.

Get a new amp, a new guitar.

Play acoustic.
get a new band
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How about trying some gear that doesn't make you take out another mortgage? Maybe then you'll have some appreciation.
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cheers man

yes i have a developed ear(i think) please elaborate on what it is and ill let you know

sorry but jcm dsl 2000 things really piss me of they do not sound that appealing to me

buy a boss sd-1 and set the level full, gain 9 oclock and tone whatever on your distortion channel...
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Yeah, I was gonna say, if you hate the tone of LPs so much, go to a music store, pick up a jazzbox, plug it into a Hot Rod deluxe and play some funk or jazz.
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try jazz fusion and funk.

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I've been like this. Don't worry. In a while you'll be rocking the **** out again.
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JCM's are decent enough amps...

But I digress, you just need to find something which makes you feel passion again. Maybe it's as simple as finding a new band to play with?
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