ok first of all im trying to record some metal tracks with to my pc, i'm not lookin for amazing quality. I've got 3 guitars, bass, electric drum kit (and acoustic ) ,1 mic, a mixer and adobe recording software. first of do the guitars go thru the amp into the mixer?

Next how/where should i plug the mixer? and any software recommendations or will the adobe do?
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You would plug the mixer into the mic port on the sound card. YOu probably have one in the back of your computer. Some have it in the front. I usually record with Audacity. It's a free program you can download. Just type in Audacity on Yahoo and you can find it. You can record in a couple of ways. YOu can record your guitar direct but if it's electric may not sound as good as miking it. Use a decent Mic if you use one. Shure SM57 is good for instruments. For vocals I used the AKG D-9000 mainly because it was reasonably priced. Bought 2 for $75 at Musicians Friend. They are fine for vocals but not as good for instruments. The Shure SM58 is the standard for vocals. The SM58 & SM58 will set you back $99 each.

You will need to do some research on settlings. YOu can do searches on the internet. I found good settings for an acoustic that way. THat improved the quality about 300%.

You should record one track at a time and make your adjustsments as you go. With a mixer you can probably record more than one tract at a time but it will put them all together on the same track which makes it hard to adjust the vocal or instrument volume if it's off a little. Put them on separate tracks and no problem. If a vocal part bugs you, you can just fix that part and not have to redo the whole song again. It's more work in the beginning but less work in the long run and you will get better results.

For Acoustic Guitar do as little as possible to it. Just mess with the compression and leave everything else alone. Settings for acoustic guitar compression are: Threshold: -6db; Rations: 3:1-4:1; Attack: 150ms; Release: 400 ms; Gain: match input to output.

You will need to also download LAME which is a conversion program so you can convert to MP3 and other formats. It works in conjunction with Audacity.

Good luck