My friends dad just got ahold of a washburn V for like, $250. He is looking to sell or trade. What I am wondering is what kind of washburn Vs are in that price range? links or whatever would be good. Do they play well for a low end guitar? I may upgrade it later on if I play it and like it, but I would also like to know how it is stock. Also, do you think that him trading that V and the 3/4 size Dean from Hell guitar would be a good trade for a Fender Splatter Strat? I upgraded it a little, now it has a hotrail in the neck, and more springs in the back than it had before I got it (I know thats not going to affect the cost at all, but whatever.) I got it for $200, but GC was trying to sell it for $500. Thanks for any info on this.
id personally keep the fender. just because i figure it would be more versitile.
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Any other opinions on this? If I were to get the Washburn, I would probably use it for my senior project, and give it a complete overhaul. Anyone know about the kind of wood that would be used on a $250 Washburn Flying V? If its not agathis, Ill probably trade.
What model?
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