This is the main part of a a song i've written, the chorus is not included becasuse i don't want it stolen, i don't trust people.

I posted just becasue i want critique, but i'm not altering things to keep meatheads happy, thats the very basis of the song.

I'm still hard pressed to choose a title, but i'm thinking something to do with modern technology, i like the word satelite for it, but its lacking on its own.

The naugty word on the last line was typed by me as asterisks.

Oh, and this is also the first song i've ever written.

Lets all take a picture from our point of view,
Then drag it to where vandals can wreck it and do,
All that we want to, We'll vandalise you,

We'll break looks but keep our eyes open,
Yeah maybe we'll break loose,
But we've never spoken before,

Transistor they sent down looks like the sun,
Peel back the plasic insulation,
And your genesis is ******** hypocritical.
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