Well a Solidbody's body is solid, and a hollowbody's body is hollow, similar to an acoustic, and usually has f-holes.
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you didnt read the question.
I repeat.
whats the differance in SOUND between a hollowbody and a solidbody.
hollows (or at least semi-hollows, which I have experience with) have more "air" to the tone, sound a little more "open", and have more unplugged sustain, which kind of translates to the plugged-in tone too... it perhaps sounds a little woodier (or perhaps more accurately, a little more like an "acoustic").

Though, it won't sound as tight as a solidbody, and can be prone to feedback with too much gain and/or volume. Not really recommended for high gain styles, but for anything up to and including classic rock (and hard rock, if you're lucky), it can give you a slightly different tone and vibe. Classy, would be how I'd describe it.

Note, I'm talking about semi-hollow, not fully hollow.

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wood. that is the difference between solid and hollow
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wood. that is the difference between solid and hollow

Yeah, No.

A solid body is always going to be chunky in hold to a full hollow body. Full hollow bodies pick up every sound you can think of ( That whole floating pickup idea dosen't work. ) and turns it into melody - If you know how. They're generally warmer than solid bodies, But Solid bodies will have better Harmonic richness in striking, Full hollow bodies will result into Harmonic Feedback in no time. Alot of a guitars tone depends on an amp as well, Guy. Consider that.
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