Just wondering if anyone knows what fuzz pedal Lenny Kravitz uses....just been listening to a few of his songs recently and quite like his sound.
I don't really know. Do you mean on songs like 'always on the run'? I love that. What a great riff.

Hope you find some answers.

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i dont know if this will help, but here's a section from an interview:
Lenny: There's definitely an old school element to my music, but I also think it's modern as well. You know, it's funny, we were playing with some people once and they said, "Wow, how did you get that tone and that effect?" And I said, "Well, you plug an Epiphone into a tweed Deluxe and you turn it up to ten and that's it." It's just using classic pieces of gear that sound great, straight. That's what gets that sound. It is what it is.
Well he doesn't use a fuzz pedal. That tone is what you get by putting a vintage tube amp on 10, the amp is pushed so much its sounds very fuzzy.
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