for my engineering course at school i have been asked to make a guitar amp.
so im going for just a basic cab or something
one speaker, minimal controls
i dont care about tone or anything that much, just as long as it gets me my gcse's

so my question is this.
i realy have no idea were to even start with amps.

all help will be greatly apreciated

Man, thats an awesome course, i'd love to do that. the best thing we got to make was a 'moisture sensor' :S
yeah we had a choice of stuff to do, but it was all crap
the nearest music related one was a "music stand"
but i convinced him to let me give this a crack,
i need 2 learn electronics anyway.

the cabinet im just gna make a basic frame
paint it or something 2 get the marks.
nothing too o.t.t
How complicated should the amp be? I haven't seen schematics for anything more than simple 1 watt amps. The rest is all more complicated tube amps.
i want it to be as simple as possible, yet good enought for me to pass the course.

i realy dont know tbh