I just bought this bass last week after trying to get this one or one like it since I was 16 in 1987. Now that I have it I have some questions.

I cant find a serial number on this thing anywhere! Was it a sticker?

I have already called Japan trying to get a replacement truss rod cover for it. I Know it was brass but I dont know if the model was engraved into it or not. If any one has a picture of this they could post or email me I would be ver thankful.

I know they are kind of rare as I have hunted for one for 20 years and could never track one down. This includes many trips to the House of Guitars in Rochester and few to Buzzo's throught out the years! What I want to know is how rare? What are one of these really worth? Its an incredibly well built instrument with remarkable playabilty. I only gave $350 for the bass but its gotta be worth way more then that. If you ever see one of these in music store my suggestion is buy it!
hav u checked under where the neck attaches to the body for the serial number? if not there then mabe the big cavity on the underside of the body. there is a chance the serial number was stickered on, my bass had a sticker on the underside of the neck near the body. thte sticker wore off pretety quick.
i just checked pics on that bass and it looks like the s***!
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cliff burton used the SB Elite I didn't he? cool looking bass.
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I have been down the Ebay route already. There is none on there. The closest they had was the Rudy Sarzo add from 87 selling them. $10 framed LOL! As far as the serial number part the bass is neck through So not there. I have been in the cavity and also nothing. The bass Cliff used was a SB1000. Real close to this but single pup and active. Still looking for pics of the truss rod cover if anyone has one.
Thanks SMB but yes I have already been there and the pics are too small and not clear enough. Since not even the company can get me a replacement truss rod cover a friend of mine is going to machine one out of brass including the engraving ( If there was any). Problem is just need a clear picture of the damn thing so he can do it!