I have been looking for a good multi-effects pedal, and the Pod XT Live seems perfect. It has everything the other high end multipedals have, and you can edit the effects on your computer- I have a nerdy side, so I'm sure that will be handy! I know that the effects will probably be called "too digital," but honestly, I don't think that will matter too much for me.

But for some reason, I got the impression that you could program the Pod to do instrument impressions. Say, make it sound like a string orchestra or a saxophone when you play your guitar. That would be really cool, tapping the symphony parts to Pink Floyd songs or whatnot, but is it possible to do? As far as I have seen, it seems like the Pod can edit your tone to match a particular player very closely: Would what I'm describing be possible with the pod, and if not, what effects/preamps/whatever could do it?

Lastly, I'd like any general comments, if you have them. Can you plug the Pod directly into your computer and record through your USB? And thus use your computer's speakers to play?

Also, for comparison, don't most modern-day effects that you buy in shops use electronics, like the Pod? Or do most people's effects still use "vintage" hardware? Tube effects are really rare, aren't they?

Oh, and I forgot: Isn't the Pod XT live the exact same as all the other XT's, except you pay extra to get it in floorboard form? It doesn't lose any options or effects, does it? And, what does the XT Pro have that the Live doesn't?
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pod does not imitate a string orchestra or a saxophone, it does have some synth sounds though. i have an xt kidney bean, i bought it long before the live was available and the pedal board needed is quite expensive, the price of the pro / kidney bean an fbv shortboards more expensive that the xt live. if you do not intend on needing to switch sounds then you do not need a fbv.

yes you can record through a usb socket.
Thank you- Wouldn't it be possible to download a string patch or make one yourself? Just curious.. If not, I would really like to know if there is anything that lets you.
i know of a violin patch for the POD XT Live. its on there website that has all the patches on it.

PSN ID: ArranP
Alright, so they do make things like that. Is there any large fan-based patch site out there? Google didn't turn anything up.. I may be missing a key word. >.>
What you really need for triggering synth sounds is a roland split pickup (can't remember the model, just search on their site). Basically it has separate pickup pieces for each string, so you can plug it into a box that converts it into a midi signal, and then use it to trigger all sorts of things. It is easily installed on a guitar and won't ruin finishes or anything. The only problem is that the midi converter is separate, and I don't think its very cheap.

I don't think digital will ever match analogue effects, it may be able to reproduce the sound but things will still suffer. The first is the analogue-digital-analogue process. Given the POD isn't an expensive hi-fi piece of equipment the ADAC's will be fairly cheap (for comparison my friend bought a soundcard for listening only that cost £600 because of the high quality ADAC's, so to be high quality this would add another £1200 to the POD). Analogue isn't sampled so it's the exact waveform, digitised sounds aren't. They can also be less forgiving. Also, digital effects are created to do a specific thing, they may have a lot of parameters but it's hard to do things that the designers didn't think of. With analogue effects you can experiment a lot more. Finally, even if your pod allows you to say where in the signal chain the effects go, it's not the same as actually placing stompboxes in different places.
Cool. If anyone has some any comments, I'm listening. My questions are pretty much -answered though, so thanks!
Woot! They have some string ensembles.. That Pod is starting to look pretty sweet ^_^

EDIT: Thanks, Isotone. That MIDI solution is way out of my price range: I'm 17, and probably moving out soon! My guitar and amp need upgrading too, and as I have almost no effect pedals, this seems like a solution to a lot of my tone issues, since I can run my guitar through my computer as a kind of practice amp.

<<< I know what you mean about the whole digital-analogue issue. I am just going to have to camp out at a guitar store and see if I like the tones I can get. Although, since the Pod lets you edit the effects, it seems like it would be the most forgiving digital multieffect out there.

And, one of my original questions is coming back: Aren't most pedals out there digital anyway? Boss GT-8s and such are all digital, right? Arent their stompboxes, too? (DS-1 and such?)
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