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Yeah! fight the power!
55 83%
No im law abiding
11 17%
Voters: 66.
ive been reading about the 1992 LA riots and it got me thinking .
if a riot started in your town would you join in the chaos, loot,burn, fight ,destroy,steal and get away with it
or would you be a good citizen and stay out of the trouble?

and have any of you every been in a real riot?
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I think it's sick to force kids to take part in hate mongering and sick for spoonman to think its right for any adult to throw anything at a child.
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yeah i would, as long as there was no rebel on rebel crime going on
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If it was a huge riot, id be in there. no stealing though, just fighting for the fun of it.
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Hell Yea, id get a huge speaker system with Rock Music on to make the riot better
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nah, im too small.
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I'd stay the hell away from the riot.
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Rioting doesn't accomplish anything except destroying your own town. It's just an excuse to act on your own latent criminal tendencies like in hurricane Katrina when people were stealing TV's and beer. If there was a riot in my town, I would be more concerned with defending my home. I would station myself on the roof with a rifle. No warning shots given
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Basically yes.
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I'd stay the hell away from the riot.

omg! what a bitch! your gonna have a boring life dude.............
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I think that people who live in the zones where riots actually would occur are the most likely to participate in them. Asking the questions to rather well-off people isn't really the same thing. A riot in some posh place has nothing to do with a riot in the grime streets of whatever..

But I think most of you got this anyway sorry , hence the humurous responses
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i would cram a bunch of nice guitars in a big ass open back cab and head system and roll the mo****a home
You people seem to forget that there will be victims if you "loot, burn, fight, destroy".

I'd riot if I thought the cause was right, but do nothing illegal. Except for fighting, if I found it neccessary
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Hell Yea, id get a huge speaker system with Rock Music on to make the riot better

blast Rage Against The Machine
Rioting is generally stupid. Breaking and stealing shit isn't a good way to get your point across, and will probably just cause setbacks.
hell yea'
think of all that free stuff FOR FREE!!!!!!!

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All you small minded kids wouldnt have the same thoughts if you'd be in a riot..
We are having a little crisis in greece at the moment and I happened to get into a riot and couldnt escape from it.
You are on your own there, you try to dodge the molotov bombs but at the same time somone is comming right at you with a stick or a rock to hurt you...
But on the other hand, the adrenaline rush is just something awkwardly amazing... I mean , being able to do stuff you wouldnt normally do (I mean hit random guys with your boots and throwing rocks at the stupid guys with the molotov bombs)..

But, stay clear guys, seriously.. Sometimes it can revolve to something really really bad and who knows, maybe it'll be your unlucky day.
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Hell yes I would riot.
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I'd only loot Gamestop or Guitar Center.
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If you need to do it...

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I would, but souly to loot.
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April 26th, 1992,
There was a riot on the streets,
Tell me where were you?
You were sittin home watchin your tv,
While I was paticipatin in some anarchy

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aw hell yea man! join the chaos! i always follow groups that i think are having fun and rioting would be completely kickass!

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