i just got an Epi Les Paul Special II for Christmas and its white with black and silver hardware. i just bought all gold hardware for it, but couldnt find neck panel (find one for me for cheap if you can to help out. I just got my tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tail piece. first, how do i get off the screws for the tail piece and second i ordered the tune-o-matic bridge but the posts are too small because their for a gibson (i thought they were the same) so they dont fit what hsould i do? contact the seller, go to guitar loft, or put on my silver one?
and btw whats the best type of string for a bright clean and bright distorted tone, lookin for nofx, antiflag, green day, slipknot, that stuff kind of strings. also what settings for my amp(i know this isnt the right thread for that but...)

and also will the neck pop if there are no strings on it, or break or crack or something? cause i heard little pops when i was letting the 3rd and 2nd string off.
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Odds of it breakin a slim. the tension placed on the neck pulls on it, when the strings let go... the neck creaks. Would be a freak accident if it broke cause of that. Being an LPSII... I personally wouldn't mod it. I can't really say how to help ya here =\
Hmm...first off, Strings aren't going to make THAT much of a tonal difference...Just get a brand that you like, one that feels good to you. Most strings these days are nickel-plated steel, and that'll yield a bright tone.

About the bridge, these isn't much you can do with that one. Epiphones have very different measurements than Gibsons. When i replaced my bridge, I made very careful measurements and did a lot of searching before I settled on a bridge that fit.
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well ive been emailing the guy i got the bridge from for him to see what he can do cause i really dont know much about replacing hardware lol. but i think it might work out that he can get me a new one with larger bushings. also, is there a way i can remove the bushings on the silver tail piece to put in a new gold one?
the hammer didnt ruin it, i already did it, the bushings wont turn its like their locked or something. does anyone know where i can get a gold neck plate?
Quote by Gorre
the hammer didnt ruin it, i already did it, the bushings wont turn its like their locked or something. does anyone know where i can get a gold neck plate?

I've never ever seen a gold neck plate. Besides, you hardly ever see it, so is it that important?
well i kinda wanted all gold hardware lol. and what about the plate that covers the wiring?
i just got my keystone tuners in >_> they dont ift because they only got 1 screw hole, but mine has 2 holes and mine has a diamond shape back. what should i do?
dont say bad things about special II its a good guitar to me and im going to have it till im 18 and get a job and im still gonna keep it.
nah, you misunderstood. I dont think you should get rid of the guitar, i mean if its the best you can afford, then its the best you can afford, we've all been there before. What im saying is save your cash instead of wasting upgrades on it. I meant no offense, but there is a reason you can buy your guitar brand new for about $100 - $150.. Cause its a cheapo guitar, that doesnt make it bad, but it is what it is.

But if you absolutly have to upgrade it, then why waste money on looks, which is all your really doing. Why not spend that money on parts that really matter that will increase the performance of your guitar..

Sound & Performance first.. Looks come second.
I own one, personally I kinda like a cheap feel to a guitar, I even kinda like plywood... but I built a maple body for my squire and it made such a difference. I really like my paul, but the wood is crap.

I think your best bet if you must insist on a gold neck plate is get a spray can of 14k gold spray paint.
LP special II isn't plywood, it's a laminated body. Different thing.

I have a wine red II with black hardware, it was the only one out of 10 of the same guitars i tried that actually sounded awesome.
to me mine sounds awesome because i got strings used by nofx. clean distorted tone instead of muddy and stuff. its ernie ball power slinkys 11-48.
well think about it this way.. You like the way it sounds, and thats with really crappy pickups in it (no offense, but yes the pickups are basic generic crap pickups) So just imagine if you saved your cash on all that gold hardware and put in some new pickups, like some Seymore Duncans, or some Dimarzios, or something similar (i would recommend Gibson 57's, but honestly that would be a waste of pickups on your guitar, as one single 57 pickup would be worth more money than your guitar itself.)

You could get a pair of good Duncans for $60 - $70, well if you live in the U.S. I know there are alot of Brit players here, so prices are different for them. But regardless, i think you would end up happier in the long run.

But im gonna go out on a limb here and assume your a beginner, and you sound quite young as well, so performance may not really mean that much to you at the moment cause your just getting started. If thats the case, then id say just ignore me and everyone else here and dont worry about the gold hardware, and focus on learning to play, if you end up loving it, then later on, think about upgrades of whatever type.
Electronics definetely need to go buddy, i replaced the potentiometers, the 3-way switch and put some spare EMG-HZ's in.

All free from work :P

Gold hardware is nasty stuff, the plating wears very easily.
how hard is it to replace the pickups? does it require soldering? and i dont know what pickups nofx use. but usually like diadarios on the top strings(heavy ones) it has like distortion with no cleanness. but with these ernie ball power slinkys 11-48 it has a bright tone and with distortion its a clean distortion. but i used to have elixer and they were good but i wanted something else so yeh. and yes im a beginner ive been playing 1 year and some months since january 2006 when i sold my ipod to my dad :P to get a guitar (behringer v-tone II) because it was a dream to play guitar, then in christmas 2006 i got an epiphone les paul so yeh. but how hard is it to replace the pickups, what are the best for a little money like 30-90 bucks? cause i just got the gold hardware for 90 somethin.
Yes, changing pickups requires soldering. It's not hard at all. There are diagrams all over the internet.
For a small budgets like that, check out the pickups at guitarfetish.com.

Honestly - If you're looking for a specific tone, specifically NOFX's, string's really don't matter that much (Don't know where you found learned that Strings change your distortion...It's all in your head. Those brands are all made of the same alloys. It's basically the same tone.) - and neither do your pickups. It's more about your amp. A change in pickups will only be apparent if you have a good amp.
any suggestions for humbucker pickups or solid pickups? like i dunno what solid ones are, their ones with the covers over them? either that or any other suggestions for pickups? and where can i get asoldering tool

should i get this or what is it lol?

i checked the site and all i could find that match the screw holes are these
does that come in pairs?
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Quote by TheDev01dOne
Strings make that much difference? Lol wtf..

Anyway yeah you should be upgrading electronics, not making it look nice. You can get some pickups that NOFX use and it will sound even awesomer. haha NOFX..

IF NOFX use no FX, shouldn't it follow that they play acoustic? since pickups, amps with distortion, etc. are all a kind of effect?


newhey, i suggest that you but pickups from guitarfetish.com. their pickups are great, especially for the price you pay. You can get 2 new buckers for the cost of a T.O.M. bridge. And they can even be gold plated, but that costs a bit more.
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