Okay I think I posted this in the wrong forum previously so here goes...
Okay, my guitar teacher just taught me how to find which chords are in what key. It wasn't too in depth, just a brief discussion, so I'm checking if I'm really doing it right. So... are these the chords in the key of Cminor? Help is appreciated.

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yes. if the discussion with your teacher was too short there's this
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kinda right except for the raised 7th scale degree.

when people write songs in minor keys, more often than not they raise the 7th scale degree in the V and viiº chords in order to get the proper tension and resolution. Your chords are correct if they are based off of the natural minor scale but the way i learned the diatonic triads in a minor key was...

i iiº III iv V VI viiº

for example, if you play a Gmin to a Cmin it won't sound final like a normal V-I would. However, if you played a Gmaj to Cmin it would sound much more complete...just try it and see what you like