Basically I got a valveking 112 and I've noticed that the treble and high mids in my sound are coming through very sharply, and the bass is not as smooth as I would like. Ive had the stock tubes replaced with groove tubes, gold sieres, so I dont need new tubes, and theyve helped with balancing my sound a bit more. Anyways I think it maybe is the 12 inch peavey speaker inside which im assuming is not of the best quality thats causing it to sound like this. If I replaced this with a celestion vintage 30 or similar maybe it would help contribute to my sound and get it sounding smoother ? Or would a new cab be a better investment ? Ive been impressed by the engl vintage cabs but i havent tried one through my amp yet. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thnx
what kind of sound are you looking for?

If you are looking for a metal or hard rock sound you might want to look into a 2x12 closed back cab. or if you are looking into classic rock, jazz etc. you might just replace the stock speaker with a V30.
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almost the mesa dual recto sound, put with more punchy mids, so metal tone, but without the scooped mids. Im pretty sure that I cant afford a 2x12 but a 1x12 looks realistic for me.Any suggestions ? Ive no experience with any cabs but engl