Thinking about buying one because my distortion on my amp is to weak the problem is when i get a pedal it always feedsback when i turn it on
i put it on the clean channel gain about 3 but when i turn my pedal on it feedsback
what is the best setting on the clean channel on the amp when your using a distortion pedal

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As clean as possible. If you 'stack' distortion you'll just get mud. Unless you're using a tube amp, which I highly doubt you are.
There are a few things that could be wrong

First, make sure you're using the Clean channel of your amp.

Double-check the gain, keep it as low as possible.

Set the EQ flat, like everything at 5.

Make sure the master isn't too loud.

Make sure you're plugged in right. Your signal chain should be guitar > pedal > amp input.

Make sure the OUTPUT or LEVEL of the pedal isn't too high. Try to turn the gain down ETC if its maxed.

If that doesn't work your cable is probably bum or the pedal is broken.

If the pedal has a tube in it, it could be that the tube has gone out (and is microphonic) thusly creating the feedback when you activate the pedal. You can easily replace a 12ax7 for under $15 at most stores, or if you want to shop around or buy off the internet probably around $7.