so i brace my pinky on my guitar and im trying to quit. anyone have any tips? i try to not use it but after about a minute of concentrated playing, i brace with it again and dont realize it, im thinking maybe i should tape it to my hand, haha.
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yeah i have the same thing, but is it really a problem?
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why is that bad? gives you better control.

When i first read the topic name i though you meant your left hand pinky. I actually "braced" it using tape to keep it straight instead of folding while i first started. One of the first steps i took to use my pinky.
OH! No. It just takes time to work that out, Man. That, And exercise. Your finger is bending in because the tendons in your hands are contracting to use the other fingers. It's sorta like riding a bike, You just have to practice untill it's a second nature.
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im talking right hand. and it just seems to me when i see guitarist who would be considered "technically perfect" their hands float and they strum and pick at will. i just dont like bracing my pink on the body because going from strumming to picking instantly is hard
"I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic's...his hair was perfect."
the reason its hard to kick the habit is because without touching the guitar, you can't tell exactly where the strings are. just practice picking, something simple, like hold a chord and try this, 6 4 5 3 4 2 3 1 2 1 3 2 4 3 5 4 6, those are the string numbers, hard to explain but it really works, also helps with alternate picking if u dont know how to do that
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