Hey guys,
I just rented my first electric/amp (GRGX170 and 15watt SS Traynor amp)
I tried out for around 30 minutes
I got a problem, everytime I strum it sounds like "shit".
Like the sound is no where close to the notes I'm playing It's just "growwwwwlllll" And buzzing.
When I pick the strings, it's fine.
I tried experimenting with all the settings but I still couldn't figure out why it does that.
Is it supposed to be like that because i'm using a very low quality guitar/amp?

Let me know

Alright. I couldn't look that amp up but I -Think- that's a tube amp. If you're renting it, You don't need to freak. With the guitar - Ground might be loose, The pots might be bad, The pickups might be cheap. The amp, A laundry list of things can come into play. Your verb tank might be picking up signal, Your tubes might be bad, Your ground might be out, Your caps might be getting out, The transformers may be giving out, Etc Etc. I'm not a professional, So don't trust me. Without seeing/hearing, I couldn't tell you for sure. Tell the guy you rented the stuff from that he's not doing his job. =D
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Cables? Guy. You have to know the problem before you can fix it. " Buzzing " And " False sound " are two common problems in guitar, And can mean a great many things. Anything from your Truss rod to your speaker could be it... Speaking of which. Look back on that speaker, See if the Negitive is on the positive and vice versa.
Blessed be he who sat on the bee, For he shall rise again!