Hey, this is my newest. It's not entirely finished yet, there's no bass and the drums are a little too busy so they need some more work.

Tell me what you think!


edit: don't listen to the gp4 one, it's different in some places (and it shouldn't be )
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I liked it, the drums didnt sound too busy to me.

This one is different then your other ones, its more melodic, but still chaotic. I liked it a lot. Have you been listening to jazz ?

Anyway, I think the 2nd solo was screamin' for a harmony
Thx, I don't know why you would compare it to jazz though... I just tried using some different chords instead of the usual powerchord shit.
That was really insane. I liked it a lot, reminded me of Necrophagist. I liked the drums too, it didn't seem too busy or anything. The different chords gave it a really minor/diminished-ish feel, I liked that a lot. Keep writing music like this man.
i dont think its anything like necrophagist, except for being technically, u have a very unique sound. i LOVE the grooves uve been adding. the melodicness just sounds so great in contrast to the more chromatic parts, it makes each part more powerful. its the opeth complex. i loved this, the drums sounded fine altho i wasnt listening too much they seemed to go fine. solos were great, it was all just really really really good. keep it up

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sorry to bust everyones bubble but lamb of god arent "hardcore" theyre death metal, and therefore metal.
Very good, im not much for the death metal but i'd be a fool to say this wasn't some good guitarin, good job. I made a few changes to mine check it out
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Now that's more like the material i've been expecting you to write, that is simply awesome compared to some of the things you've written (don't mean that in a bad way, its all good).
The slow bits were great. I especially like the rhythm starting at bar 76, solos were great, especially the second one. Outro was good aswell.

In my opinion this is much better than some of your songs.
Needs them drums to calm down though and it needs some bass. But other than that Good Job.

Wow that was pretty good. You are a pretty good songwriter! I agree the drums were a little too "busy", but the riffage was superb. You have some crazy solos in there as well. Nice!
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wow theres not much to crit on at all...i mean the drums arent too "busy" at all...but as stated before, the only thing i can think of to maybe add a little more "flair" would be a nice harmony. That was very technical and well thought, I liked it a lot.
I can't get over your use of chords in the last couple songs man, it's just unreal! I'll have to experement with that later on.

This song, in particular was great, I specially liked the last solo, it was spot on what my ear wanted. The drums weren't always saturated, but there are some sections, particularily the acoustic parts that could use a simpler but more effective drumline. I also thought that you just weren't using your cymbals quite enough... those being vital to me (they fill so much of the sound).

As far as the guitar riffing... damn man, I know you've come a great way in the level of your composition (and I assume playing) since those first couple of songs you posted all too long ago. You should be very proud. I'm definitly a fan.
Your riffs were amazing, as were the transitions into the acoustic part. I wasn't really a fan of the drums, there was just something about them that i thought was a bit unnecessary.
The first solo was great but the last solo was excellent. Nothing negative to say man, great job!
wow that was quite amazing. out of curiosity can you accually play that
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death metal sux
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death metal sux

Thats a fail right there

I don't listen to death metal as a favourite, but this was pretty sick nonetheless. Very nice job