hello, ive ben thinking of gettign a new pickup(s) ive been ehqaring great things abotu Bill Lawrence, and actually thast alli want to get since they are the cheapest but quality is amazing. I emailed Becky with ym guiatr and my amp and she recommended i get teh 500R for the neck position. im lookign for a littel better cleans btu mor eimportanly crisper and cleaner lead tones that hav e ascorchy feel to them. Ive only researched the L and XL but she said thsoe are for the bridge pickup. So you gusy think i should go with Becky's suggestion and get the R? and its 50 bucks for chielded and 56 for shielded. i guess i shoudl go for shielded?(im guessing that means liek its insulated or w.e. kinda lei dipping pups into wax?)
I want to know how the hell they deciphered your email...

It's a toss up between the C and the R for the neck position really
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I'm looking to order an XL for the bridge in my SG and a C for the neck.
you do realise that Bill and Becky dont make the original Dime pups?

big stories about it, which i may post if an arguement arises

still damn good pickups though