So, as I was practicing the other day, the screw holding my strap on stripped out. surprized the hell out of me, but I have no clue how to put the screw back in. Should I use wood glue or something??
Just screw it in
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Get some wood putty stuff stuff it in, let it set up then put the screw in
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On my old guitar, the strap screws were getting loose, so I just apoxy glued them and they were fine sense.
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ah. but I dont have any wood putty stuff... anything that I can do out of household materials? I kinda just need a quick sturdy fix. I need it for school this monday
get some old matchsticks (enough to fill the hole), cover them with glue and wedge them in. wen they dry, break them off flush with the body and screw it back in. saw it in Total Guitar's repair section.
Meh, I just used a toothpick and elmers glue.
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