what r sum good alternate tuning songs to play? (one half step down) please no green day
thrice songs. all the songs i know by thrice are 1/2 step or drop c. i only know one that is in standard
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Alice in Chains.
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lol its funny cause i was going to start a forum asking the same thing
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lol its funny cause i was going to start a forum asking the same thing

Thread or topic, not forum.

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alot of zeppelin acoustic songs are in wierd tuneings. some pantera stuff is in drop d or d tuning
OMG CHILDREN OF BODOM. Oh, half step... meh... It doesn't take long to go extra half a step.
Try some Rise Against.
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Half step? Aren't Metallica's Load and Reload both a half step down?

And yeah, I agree with Eladrami... There are some great Iced Earth songs you can mess around with in Eb, my favourite of which is "Ghost of Freedom".

If you want a real challenge, have a listen to Annihilator's "Crystal Ann".
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Voodoo child- Hendrix
Alice in chains- nutshell
Thrice- red sky (i think thats downtuned? although, it could be played in standard. I can't remember)
Iced earth- melancholy (holy martyr)

ummm...yeah i pretty much just took everyone elses.