hey, i was hoping i could get a recomendation on some good books that could help me with my lead guitar, primarly in blues and jazz. Also, it be more useful to me if it was musical notation then in tab (or it could be in notation and tab) because i also need practice reading notation. thanks!
A great series for jazz guitar is from Jody Fisher. Beginning Jazz Guitar and then Intermediate Jazz Guitar. Prolly have to use Amazon.com to get them, I've never seen them in a music store. They are in both tab and standard notation and while they aren't overly deep, they do assume you have played at least 1 year and some technical aptitude with guitar.

He does a good job of teaching without either dumbing down or complicating things, which it seems most people do when trying to teach jazz.
My guitar teacher wrote a book on jazz guitar playing, if I can get more info on it I'll let you know.
Jamey Aebersold has some exceptional material. Check this link to get you started. http://www.jazzbooks.com/jazzhandbook/Default.htm
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