hey, i was hoping i could get a recomendation on some good books that could help me with my lead guitar, primarly in blues and jazz. Also, it be more useful to me if it was musical notation then in tab (or it could be in notation and tab) because i also need practice reading notation. thanks!
theres a jamey aebersold book series that my teacher has me use and its actually real helpful. it goes over scales, licks and songs
jamey aebersold books are a GREAT place to start. Also, Essential Jazz Lines, in the style of Charlie Parker, for guitar is a great book for building up some jazz chops (music and tab notation). Also, if u need work on reading, great books i recommend are berklee's guitar method books by william levit (the exact name escapes me). Andrew Green Jazz Technique is also a great book. these books should all be on amazon.