anybody have any experience with these guitars? im brand new to the acoustic market and the one im looking at is a parkwood, so please share youre likes and dislikes with them, if you have any.
All the ones I found on musiciansfriend had solid tops, sides, and backs and were all reasonably priced. I've never played one personally, but they seem fine to me.
thats what the website says.
im looking at one tomorrow. either a grand concert cutaway or a dreadnought. the one im looking at sells for USD 1250 but its 50% for march and my step dad agreeed that whatever i raise, he'll match. so if i buy it ill be getting a $1250 guitar for only $312.50 brand new. thats hard to beat.
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Yeah, I've played some before, Parkwood's are incredible for the price. They're crafted very well (good woods, tuners, etc...), and they sound amazing. When I get the money, I'm gonna grab the PW340FM jumbo, amazing guitar :x

so you reccomend them? my step dad said i should look at martins and takamines and carlo robelli, because hes never heard of parkwood and he wants to make sure i dont get a guitar thats not worth the money. but i only have so much cash and martin-level stuff is more than likely out of the question.

edit: he also says i shouldnt get an acoustic that has gloss finish because then the wood cant breathe and youre tone comes out muffled. the parkwood website said "open pore finish" and described it as enhancing the tone due to the thin finish. what exactly does that all mean?
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