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Pretty easy question. I went to the Dragonforse/KsE concert in NYC last night w/ my friends and we got Dragonforce shirts. Today my friends and I wear our shirts to school and I notice people snickering at us. Just want your opinion.

(By the way, that concert rocked my genitals off)
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I don't LOVE it but I don't dislike it. I have 1 or 2 albums of them downloaded of emule.
I really love their song "fields of despair"


are you sure they were snickering AT you? they could have been snickering about something else...
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Not particularly. There's much better Power Metal out there.

its sounds like they plug their guitars into a nintendo system

and the name sounds like a japanese cartoon "zomg i gotz a Dragonforce card"

and all there songs go "far away..."
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They're ok.
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Like what I've heard from them, which isn't that much. Better than most of the newer metal bands.
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They're ok but I can't listen to more than one song at a time
yeah in the last 3 days ive come to see that even though its super cheese it should get mad respek for the solos and speed
i LOVE dragonforce. i listen to dragonforce all the time. my favorite band next to KISS. growing up i was a moster fan of nintendo and video game music. at around 12 or 13, i became a huge fan of heavy metal and hard rock, everything like kiss, def leppard metallica, megadeth, lynyrd skynrd, pantera and all of it. when dragonforce came along. bam. it hit the spot. the perfect music for me.
you know whats fun...rolling your windows down, and taking off your t-tops and blasting dragonforce. preferably revolution deathsquad or prepare fo war
not my favorite, but their ok......they might have been snickering at the name of the band, which i think is a kinda dumb name.....dragonforce

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Yeah, they're alright.
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They're alright. Atleast they aren't emo.
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Maybe they were laughin because you were ALL wearing dragonforce shirts.
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Pretty easy question. I went to the Dragonforse/KsE concert in NYC last night w/ my friends and we got Dragonforce shirts. Today my friends and I wear our shirts to school and I notice people snickering at us. Just want your opinion.

(By the way, that concert rocked my genitals off)

Well, I would snicker at you, too...

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dragonforce kicks a ss!you guys are all gay!

^This guy hit the nail on the head guys, we're all gay because we don't like Dragonforce

I can't stand Dragonforce. Their music doesn't sound good at all in my opinion. I don't dislike metal or anything, don't get me wrong(I like Metallica, Pantera, System of a Down, etc.) but their songs are just annoying shredding.
I don't care for them. They'd probably be great fun live, and whilst getting drunk (then again any music sounds great when getting drunk) but that's about it. I'm not a big fan of power metal and million miles an hour solos in the first place anyways.
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They're alright but they get incredibly boring after a few songs and all of the songs sound exactly the same. They can also be annoying if you are not in the specific mood for them.
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Do you folks like folk?
I can honestly say "Through the fire and the flames" has one of the best guitar solo's I've ever heard.

Though I can't say I'd regularly listen to them. They're just overly cheesy.
I like Dragonforce, they're 'different.'
Also, they're probably snickering at you because your wearing a shirt with the gayest band name, and possibly gayest word, ever: Dragonforce.
They're pretty good in small amounts at a time
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i bought there last album on the strenght of a few songs then got totally bored of it half way through and havent listened to it since
i own inhuman rampage and its alright...

itd be nice if they tried a little variation though

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I do in fact enjoy the pleasure of listening to this band called dragonforce.
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