i mentioned this in my last post on my other thread, but i thought it would make a good new topic: how often should a band get together and practice in order to be successful or at least function well together? what do your bands do? few days a week? a month? what has worked for you and what hasnt worked? also take into account ability (experience) of you bandmates and how well you guys work together... feel free to share stories and just have fun with it
my last band we played together alot. It didnt work out.

My current band we practice once a week, mondays. The drummer started playing a couple months before we got together, I've been playing for about 3 years, the singer/guitarist a little longer than me, and the bassist a little shorter than me.
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I think to truly get really good you must first have good chemistry. Then practice a few times each week.

My band has exceptional chemistry (imo), but we only get a few actual practices each month (like 3)
i agree, chemistry is important, essential even. but to both of you guys: does your current situation work out? or could it be better? i need to guage that cause my band has good chemistry, but i dont think once a week (maybe) is enough to get better and go places
If the band practices every day, but none of the members really like the songs and they disagree on parts and don't get much done, not a lot will happen. It's all about the bandmates and how well they can work together.
yeah we are about to start playing shows in a couple weeks. we got together around september but didnt get a good bassist until january. We progressed really well (imo). My last band we played together for a year and practiced atleast twice a week, usually 3 or 4 times. We didnt get anywheres but there was alot of disagreements.
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My band plays every Sunday. Once a week. We're pretty organized.
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my band rocks a wednesday night and friday afternoon jam.

we probably end up missing hmm... 2 over the course of 3 weeks, so we're pretty good.

we played a battle of the bands the other week and came 2nd, so its just about enough practice time.

oh, and i guess its important to mention we only jam for about an hour or 2. theres a big differance between 2 four hour practices a week and 2 one hour jams.
I think a good starting point for a band is once a week. That gives everyone enough to time to learn and/or write material and isn't overkill. One of my past bands started at that amount and then worked ourselves up to 3 or 4 times a week. After a few months of that, people started to get burnt out so we moved it back to 1 or 2 times a week.

My band right now practices about once a month and I hate it. Everyone has busy lifestyles which is a key reason why but even when we get together some members don't learn their stuff so we waste an hour just teaching them the parts.

When you first form a band, I don't think you should jump into a heavy schedule. I know of this one band in my area that was auditioning people and they stated there would be practice 3 times a week. This presented several problems:

1. It's too heavy for a band that just formed

2. This band had only played 2 gigs previously, it's not like they were a top regional band that had 10-15 shows a month. They only had 3 gigs lined up and their material isn't even that difficult.

It all depends on your players. A good enough person who is on a semi-pro to pro level should be able to jump in your band knowing all the songs down on the first practice, then you get tight as a band following that. Also keep into consideration factors such as location & lifestyles.

The band I was talking about before, 3 of us were from one town, 1 guy was from a town an hour away, another was from a town an hour and 15 minutes away, and 1 was about 45 minutes away, so we picked to practice at the 45 minute drive one even though 3 of us were from one town. It made things fair for the others who had a longer drive.
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