ok. i am a heavy metal/shred guitarist. i play with a singer right now. but, we have no one to play bass or to drum for us. we really want to record our stuff and send a demo somewhere, because we have been getting really really good reactions from people that have heard us latley. does anyone know of a way to send a demo somewhere, and how to recruit serious musicians to play for us...mostly everyone that we know that plays takes doesnt take it half as serious as me and my singer do...
put up adds and post in forums thats about as much as you can do...also go to jams at places you might be able to find people there
myspace, i never thought of that, thats not a bad idea. we are about to try getting into the two colleges in here and playing when ever we can for them. i am about to record what ive got to audacity tomorrow (after i get the adapter thingy), and add his voice in Sunday maybe...ill get whatever i can up here...cause i really dunno how to use it yet.....
I would say if adding people and bands from Myspace doesn't help much, maybe go to different record companies websites and look for an address to mail in demos. I know that lifeforce records has a mailing address specifically for demos.
Record the bass yourself for the demo (and drums if you can). Try to have the singer play bass for live shows, or get a drummer and bassist for the road. If you get the demo out there, it will attract more musicians... even just some recordings you let people check out to bring em' in.
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