Well... i can get this axe for just 150 bucks... and it's a japan made, mid '80s

Here's some pic, could you tell me more about this guitar?

It could be better than a Epi LP STD, right?
I'd say anything that comes out of Japan, now or 20 years ago, would be better than an Epi STD.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
Yes, it seems pretty much better than epiphone... and for just 150 dollars u cant go wrong.

Besides Hohner its kinda legendary .

So, ill go for it, as soon as i got it, ill post some pictura and try to review it

Thanks for comments, bye!
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For that price, Awesome. That brand makes it even better. Hogner spent a brief period of time in the strings buisness ( And is still very much alive in it ) And make a home run with every model they put out. ( I wouldn't buy a hohner personally, But at a price like that there was nothing wrong with that perchase. )
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Well I got an hohner revelations series
tell you what guy it sucks the neck is way too light the body is shaped a bit like a strat and the pickups are shitty...
but the les paul must be good i guess
Looks like a really nice guitar. Has it got a set neck too?

I own a late 70s/early 80s (I think so anyway) Hohner 12 string acoustic, and it sounds amazing. Looks great too, with all the herringbone purfling and abalone rosette etc.
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