Learn either the intro to Fade to Black or the first solo in Master of Puppets.
In my opinion you should learn something like Sweet Home Alabama..... or Free Bird.

Sounds really cheezy I know.... but those are 2 songs that you can play for years to come in terms of ad-libs and solos........ and just keep on trucking and progressing with the songs because of the basic chord progressions.

Not to mention most any rock style or blues based solo sounds good over em.

Just my 2 cents.
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I know I'll probably be flamed for "zong that's not a metal sawng!!!!!111oneoneon /elitism", bu I think the solo to Right Side of the Bed is a good one. It has a nice tapping part, good for building self esteem, and it's just an all around good solo imo.
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try the intro solo from One - Metallica

fairly easy
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Quote by JasonUGA311
In my opinion you should learn something like Sweet Home Alabama..... or Free Bird.
Don't you think those would be a little tough for a beginner to learn?

I could've sworn there was a "Beginner's Solos" thread somewhere on this site... I'll have a look around for it, hang on.

While I'm thinking of it though, how about Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters"? It's fairly easy, and it's a good solo.

E - Ah, here it is. Hope it helps.
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the Smells Like Teen Spirit solo is a nice one for a beginner, good fun =)
The Wake Me Up When September Ends solo, by Greenday, is also good for a beginner, in my humble opinion on both accounts =)

99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger aswell, maybe they're not quite your style but they're simple, good fun and good practise =) Some of my first solos lol.
Californication - RHCP

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Song: Wake My Up When September Ends
Band: Green Day

One of the easiest solos ever!

If you're looking for some a little more...challenging, try My Girlfriend's Girlfriend, by Type O Negative.
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D'Yer Ma'ker by Led Zeppelin: very easy, and sounds cool.


You Shook Me All Night Long solo by AC/DC: that was my first solo
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Californication - RHCP


Ya that was one of the first solos I learned, and I still play it today.

Another good one is a lot of the Beatles stuff. The first full song I ever learned with a solo was Come Together by the Beatles. Easy solo, easy song, but so good.
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Dream On the first solo's really repetive a pretty simple i'm still learing the other solo though simce it's a fair bit mor tricky.
smells like teen spirit..

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definatly living after midnight by judas preist, fade to black intro solo first master of puppets solo and some stuff greenday, but if you want to go metal a fun solo not to hard is the trooper solo
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Get your minor pentatonics down first and make up your own little licks with that.