Hey, this is the third completed song by my band, just me on guitar though (I layerd the rhythm and two lead) and I just want some feedback, not tone or quality crits, just the riffage,

I'll be happy to crit your songs back, just lookin' for some feedback. Thanks everyone!

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That was pretty good i liked it very nice. I'm gonna show my friends they'd like this.
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Yea I'm digging the intro so far, very metal. I'm likin' the riffage alot, I cant wait to hear this with a full band. Keep it up!
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I liked the clean intro, you could make it a little longer so that when the distortions came in the turmoil could destroy my monitors..
The riffs were very cool, reminded me something of At the gates and old In flames and something else...

With some drummage this song would be amazingly awesome..
Good job..

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Some cool stuff here... The intro was a bit dull. The heavy guitars sound good, although I would've put the lead guitar higher in the mix. The tone is not really my cup of tea, a bit too fuzzy. I like the overall feeling and melodies here. All in all, it's a good song but it needs drums and vocals.

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Yeah, tone isn't as good with this little mic, as others, sorry about that. Just the idea of the song there. Thanks guys for the compliments! It does sound awesome when my full band plays it, and I was told to mix the lead better, I also thought it was too quiet.
Hmm the intro wasn't the greatest. The next couple of riffs weren't too bad. I can see it sounding good with a full band though.
Hopefully you'll get to upload it with a full band someday. That would be interesting to hear.

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Tight man...I've been wanting to play more of this genre. Did you learn any theory?
Quote by Mortal Hero
Tight man...I've been wanting to play more of this genre. Did you learn any theory?

Yeah bro, been on theory for 3 years, but this song was just my ear, it's not complete, the solo atleast.. and by the intro being longer, do you mean the clean intro? Make it longer? Like maybe do it 4 times, instead of 2? And then the distortion comes in? It's a kickass song to jam to live.
Litening as I go... the clean doesn't blend into the distorted part well, I'd either change that or just get rid of the clean part altogether.

The riffs are good, the sound gets muddy and loose at some parts though due to two guitars. The solo sounds decent as well.

Now it's just left to you to get your whole band recording. Keep it up!

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