im getting better at soloing specifically for each chord in a progression, not just using like one big scale. however this is only going well for when im using modes and such. im finding it hard to do with a blues scale and pentatonic stuff. what can i do to solo over each chord using the pentatonic notes and still have it sound bluesy?
if you want a bluesy sound that you'll have to learn the blues scale, But if you don't like the scale as much you can do what my guitar teacher told me to do, "learn the rules then break them" so in this case. Learn the scale and apply it to a different scale or something... you know what, listen to B.B King or listen to coltrain, maybe even some robert Johnson learn from them. B.B King will show you the electric blues, Mr. Coltrain will show you his diversity in scales for blues and jazz performaces, and Robert Johnson... the man that started it all for the field of blues.
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modal theory applies to pentatonics too, for info on this go to bigjimsullivan.com. also you can use modal theory to apply the scale to the different chords, for example when you go to the 4 chord you can use portions of the pentatonic scale for that key, as well as the 5 chord. If you don't wanna learn the theory and you have a good ear experiment with the pentatonic over a recording of a I-IV-V blues progression. So if you were playing I-IV-V in A when you go to the IV chord (d) you can use portions of the d pentatonic scale and when you go to the V(e) you can use portions of the e pentatonics. Hope this helps, good luck.