Ok so im looking for a fairley good guitar with a amp under $250.
Ive been consedering the WI14 Or X10 but i want to see your opinions on other guitars and help me pick one. I like to play stuff like Metallica and Avenged sevenfold. Not a big fan of stratocasters. Im fairley new still so be nice. My friend said to get one with a Tremmol Bar(Whammy bar). so idk
Only Metal Will do
you wont find anything really good for that

maybe look into those epiphone starter packs
they come with everything

but if its not too urgent i suggest you save up


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Well since your not a strat fan i doubt you'll want this, since its a strat knockoff by fender. But the fender starcaster is a GREAT beginners guitar. It comes with a little 10 watt amp which aint the best but it'll do you till you get a nicer amp. And honestly once you set the guitar up/ have it set up for you, it honestly doesn't sound that bad. I've been playing for a year, and its still my only guitar. The last thing it is, is a tone beast, but it sounds good enough to learn on, better than any other strat knockoff. And honestly, i dont see myself getting a better guitar for a while. I dont see the point in having killer tone if you cant do that tone the honor it deserves. (by the way it has a tremolo bar too!) The package with amp, guitar, strap, ect is like 140 dollars, so its a bargain. i think you should look into it.
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Do you have a rig right now? If you do, $250 wont be much of an upgrade from most things.If you really want something new, I would check out either the Dean Evo XM or Vendetta XM. They cost $99, and then you can check out a Roland Cube 15 for $99 more. That will give you $50 left over for a pedal or something.