I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I searched and didnt find anything (maybe I just suck at searching). Does anyone know what distortion effects and amp setting Justin uses in this video? Im going to cover this for the school talent show but Im still trying to find the right sound.

Well, he definitely uses chorus, and I think I hear a little bit of phase/flange as well.

If you're looking for the exact pedals, I can't help you.
Yeah, chorus and flanger it sounds like.

But to get Justin's exact tone, you'll probably need all of this:

Don't worry too much about sounding EXACTLY like Justin, especially if you're covering the song at a Talent Show. 3/4 of the people won't know the song and think it's boring.
wal bass + chorus (CEB-3 or CE-5) + boss BF-2 flanger (or BF-3 on standard mode)

the other factor is the force he picks and pulls off at, as well as the thickness of the pick he uses
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