ok, so tommorow im going to get a guitar and amp. orrigionally i was going to get a roland micro-cube and gnx3. However, ive decided to put more money towards my amp instead of getting the gnx3 so i have about $425-$500 to spend on the amp. I was thinking a marhsall mg100 (i know everyones going to say they suck, but i tried it out and, while im no tone freak it sounded quite nice), a voxAD50VT (a plus for this is because its easily less then the others, i can buy a voodoo lab sparkle drive pedal, which sounds rather fantastic), the 50 wat marshall avt combo. Others that came to mind were the pignose G40V or the rocktron v80r (which i can also get a sparkle drive with.
the music i like to play includes afi (mostly art of drowning and sing the sorrow), the ramones, the decemberists, some bowie (the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and heathen mostly), a bit of screamo stuff like from autumn to ashes and atreyu, placebo and an attempt at the dillinger excape plan (though their stuff is very hard to play).
the guitar im getting is an epiphone les paul standard.
any help or suggestions would be great. Oh, and of the amps I mentioned the only ones ive tried so far are the marshall mg and the vox, though i am (obviously) going to try any other one i consider buying
definitely try out the pignose
those are amazing amps

but...id say go for the vox rather than the mg


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