I saw this guitar in a book and started drooling.
aparantly they made 25 of them (JS2 i think) and then 10 years later made the JS10th.. only 500 of them.

anyone have one of these guitars or just played one?? or know any professionals that use one live? i found another forum of the people that have one and they all say their too afraid to play it since they are rare, and the chrome finish is a bit touchy.

sorry of this is the wrong topic, was going to put it in the Guitar Gear thread.. but that isnt about guitars as much as everything else that has do do with them.. like amps, picks n stuff.

i want one of these sooo much, anyone know what they cost new in 1998? and what theyre worth now in mint condition?
yeah, its pretty cool but have you seen the JEM with the mirror finish? i think its a JEM33 or somehting like that.
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No different than the JS1200, just a different color. If you can handle a red or black finish you can get the JS1200 which play incredibly. I was going to get one, but I needed to save money instead.

Aside from that... you can get it painted if you really like the chrome finish. You would be paying outrageous prices for that model particularly.