Would you rather be a solo artist or be in a band, and why? I think both could have negatives and positives for any musician, so I'm just interested in hearing your replies
Yeah solo acoustic would be cool. But since im in both, they both have upsides and downsides for sure.
Considering I can't sing, band. However if it's a choice you have to make, I would say become a solo artist that has a band. Just make it clear to the people you hire that you are performing under your name and you have 100% artistic control. I have no problem playing in a group like this as long as the pay is good, but most numbskull musicians have this conception that every group is (equal.) They are usually the ones who are a 1 band musician and if that band breaks up they are out of work for 7 months.
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if ur solo ull get sick of playing... u have to play with others...

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I would like to do both. I'd want to go solo so I'd have complete control over my material. Essentially, I'd be doing what dutch_apples said: I'd write all the music and record everything, but I'd need a band to tour with me.

That said, that's only for the songs I write on my own. I like writing with groups and playing with others in jams and whatnot. So I'd try to do both.
I'd much rather be in a band. Other people can add a lot to songs. As long as you're all on the same wavelength.
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if ur solo ull get sick of playing... u have to play with others...

that may be the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

... i play with myself all the time and never get sick of it.

id honestly rather be in a band that knew they were backin me.. i mean, if i were writing the lyrics/chords and played lead id expect them to have some respect for me as the leader of the group. but as for now im ok playin solo.. its alot easier. one dude, one guitar.. no worry about timing with others.

i dunno.. really its a toss up. it depends on who the bandmates would be.
Band, I play Bass

Solo Bass songs aren't really very high demand

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its alot easier. one dude, one guitar.. no worry about timing with others.

Timing is still an issue
I feel like I HAVE to be in a band, but I don't particularly want to be in one at the moment. It's weird to see my best friend who I've played music with for 4 years in bands try to form his own band without me (it was my choice not to participate) - he's good and pretty much the only of his kind in the area (he plays bass) - but I don't feel motivated to be part of it.

I'd very much like to record and play and write everything, but have a band to back me up. I'd like the band to be involved, but I would want to have complete artistic control in the end. It's hard to make a career with that mindset, or at least it seems like that.
Right now, I'm just doing solo instrumental stuff with me doing all the instruments. I enjoy it a lot, but, a proper band , I'd pick that any day.

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Band, if they're musicians at my level or beyond, who are commited. I've had a band but the other guitarist and bassist could barely play, they were uncomitted, and wouldn't practice.

More brain power and helping each other to make songs is cool too.
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Id go solo myself. I would have control over everything and write all my own material. I could still tour with some great guys. Its not like I would be secluded from the world. I can play all the instruments except for drums, and i would do vocals, so really Id be more fit for a solo guy.
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Personally.. I like the band situation, nothing better then getting an idea and having the whole band jam on it. You can make some really great shit.

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Used to think I would always want to be in a band, but after playing with lots of different musicians, I've found that solo is a lot easier...you can do exactly the style of music you want to! My ideal situation would be to play as a solo artist with a backup band. That way you can have the best of both worlds...
Yes, I think I've decided on wanting to be a solo musician. I've done the band thing and it's been fun but I've reached a point where I want to branch out and be able to play exactly what I want and I find that when I write songs now that I'm not in a band, they are more honest sounding and much more real. It seems like it'd be impossible to find a backing band though
Band by miles, it involves less ego and you can experiment more frequently

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band! so much better, solo artists were probally in bands but thought they were better than everyone else! also they take alot of credit for what they havnt done alot of them just play guitar and sing but the people who play bass and drums and other guitars get no credit for what they do when playing live and stuff
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