I'm looking for an electric guitar under 500 bucks or one that it would be feasible to get used or off of ebay in that same price range. I've never really played electric. Hell, I've never even really played that much with a pick until recently. I've played acoustic for about seven years. I like blues, jazz, flamenco, and classical stuff. I'm interested in playing blues, funk, and maybe some metal stuff on electric, but I really want to be able to play anything within reason. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and have some experience working with electronics so upgradability would be nice. Anyway, I'm sure questions like this are posted here all the time, but I'd really appreciate any help.
a fat strat. you can costomise it easily enough and it has the nice signle coils for the cleaner stuff and the humbucker for the heavier stuff. the humbucker may need upgrading if you want higher output.
You're wanting flexibility, I'd suggest a Strat. A STANDARD ( Not a fat strat ) Is the kicker. It is the best beginer guitar ( More so when you're being introduced into electrics ) Because its versitility is insane. You can see any given player in every genre playing a strat. ( To add to that, Telecasters are great guitars two. They're extremely smooth to play, And they have great tone and can bend to what you want. Do what your ears and fingers tell you, man, But go for versitility before looks. )
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Check out musicstorefront.com/buyersguide! I purchased this guide recently, and there are over 30 wholesale suppliers that deal directly with the public!!! My first s-style strat guitar cost me just $67, and that included shipping, gig bag, tuner, and strings. The quality is fantastic for the price, and the 3 single coil pick-ups deliver the traditional strat tone guitarists look for !!! Check it out!