Hey guys...alright so, I live in Chicago and we just recently had some snow fall early today..getting to the point, I was driving with two of my buddies in the back and we were going to the store when I came up on a stop sign. I stopped and then procceded to make a left turn, no body was around and all the streets were plowed, EXCEPT FOR THIS STREET. I turned, fish-tailed, and in my attempt to turn into the skid, I ****ed up and turned to far running right into this guys bush's. Luckly after 15 min. a guy with a truck helped us get out and strangly no one in the surrounding house's came outside. Driving away completly freaked out, I was extremely lucky a cop or anything else wrong happened. I was just wondering if you guys ever been in an accident or any wierd situation like this. Thanks, and dont hesitate to tell me how much of a dumbass I am.
Nah. I don't think you're stupid, you're probably just a newbie driver and screwed up in the snow. It happens to everyone, even people who have drove 30 years.
Me, I rear ended a girl that went to my high school pretty good. Blew out my whole front headlight lamp and twisted up her bumper. I've fishtailed in several streets, almost hit a few trees, the usual. The scariest was when I was driving with my pregnant girlfriend, and one side of my car hit some ice, pulled to the side, skidded and almost hit a tree. Stopped so close, I couldn't even squeeze my finger inbetween the space.
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Yeah, I just got my license a couple days ago...I had to drive 50 hours with my permit but still, its not that the snow was bad...its just that I ran up into some guys bush's that freaked me out...we tried everything from traction with mat to sliding the back of the car
yea, i was in my cousins jeep a few months back and like this guy came to like a stop out of nowhere and we had to slam on brakes and we ran smack dab into him but it was so icy his car just like got knocked forward and our front end was fine and its was a little dinged up
Yeah I remember Ice Storm 98'. Everyone in town wore Ice Storm 98 shorts like it was a big rock concert or something. Missed a week of school too.

It snowed last night and then got rained on, got tons of slush and we got a day off of school. Pretty cool except my shows got soaked walking to the coffee shop
In minnesota, its been snowing two straight days, about 15 inches. Anyways, I almost ran into a guy who was stopped at a stop light. It was his turn to go but he just waited and waited, so i almost slid into him. And does anybody else hate people who drive 20 in a 30 when the roads arent even that bad?