im leaning towards the mesa triple rectifier or the road king... which cabinets are the best? im sure getting mesa cabinets would be the ideal way to go but i dunno how much they cost... anyone know? id probably get the 4x12 cabinets...
standards are $999.99, tradtional(same size as a marshall) are less but i cant remember the price now, road king cabs are so highly overpriced for what they do its not worth it, you could save yourelf some cash and get a marshall 1960a, that will add more midrange as opposed to mesas bottom end, also coming from a guy whos had a dual and a triple, unless your touring club circuits nation wide save some cash and get a dual, i play lead and thats the only reason i have a triple is to get above everyone, i actually A/B to my 2210 for alot of rythm stuff
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Depends what music you play

what do you play?
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what head do you have? mesa rect and road king cabs are nice but the VHT cabs might also be nice. also, what style of music do you play. o and ear candy cabs are great too.
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