I played acoustic guitar for more than a year and i'm sick and tired of it. So, I'm planning to get my first electric guitar. But since this is my first time getting a new guitar, I have limited knowledges about which guitar is good or bad...

I'm willing to spend around 700~800ish.

Originally, I have wanted to get a epiphone les paul standard or fender strat, but my friends told me those are way too typical and boring. And I should try ESP or Ibanez...

Can anyone suggest any good guitar within price range between 700~800 dollars? Thx
I like any genre. blues, jazz, pop, soft rock to some hard rocks. With one exception... extreme hard+deathcore metal! (I'm not against them or anything but...god...too loud for my ear...) I guess i'm looking for verstile guitar for multipurpose.
Who cares what your friends think? Les Pauls and Strats are nice guitars and I will say Strats are boring but I think Les Pauls look a bit nicer, less boring and repetitivity.
Anyways... ESP and Ibanez are good for metal and stuff, but Les Pauls are good for alot of stuff while Strats are more of the Blues type guitar.
Don't overlook Ibanez yet. The S series has a good mahogany sound, yet is very thin.
I don't really know what Ibanez is good for :|
But a nice Les Paul would prolly suit your needs, or a Fat Strat. Ibanez still makes nice stuff. Maybe an Ibanez hollowbody? Those are hawt. My teacher uses one and he palys metal, lol.
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I love my Epi Les Paul and it is very verstile. I would suggest an Epi Les Paul and changing out the pickups. I have Seymours in mine. Other brands are good to though, its just personal preference.
hmmm...it's too confusing...i'm looking at so many guitars in musiciansfriend.com or whatever...but every review of guitar that they have are always 5 out of 5 -_-;;
STANDARD stratocaster, Guy. Buy a nice fender, You'll be satisfied untill you think the guitar isn't working for you ( And if it isn't, You need tuning. ) or you decide you want to play metal. Depends on what you want to play man, And don't forget to buy an amp along with it! ( I'd suggest a Line6 Spyder. )
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