I have A Mesa Lonestar and I plug my blues driver into it and it peaks.

Anyway, the question is that I'm getting a fuzz pedal and I was wondering if it'll produce peak or not.
Also, suggestions on brand.I was thinking a fuzz face.

a million thanks.

I have a standard strat and play mainly anything phycedelic, folk, bles, or classic rock, phycedelic blues rock is my fav.

I've heard good things about marshalls.
Is the bluesbreaker2 a distortion or fuzz? I have plenty of gain and just want to sorta fuzz it up some more, & get closer to the "woman tone."
Its more of an over drive distortion. the guv2 is a better distort pedal. Check out the reviews in UG. I can't comment on fuzz pedals as ive never used one.