they used to rock man... with frogstomp and freak show. now they are putting out lame crap like neon ballroom, diarama, and the single "straight lines" for the upcoming album, young modern.
its amazing how a band can go from one extreme to another.
Their cover of Paranoid was cool, but this thread doesn't belong in here.

As to your question, I guess they've succumbed to today's societal norm.
Not liking Neon Ballroom is your own problem.
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Silverchair came out when I was in high school. They sucked then and they suck now. Anyway, wrong forum.
Hi, I'm Peter
Well done everyone, but I also have the following points to add.

a) You ara douche bag

b) silverchair's early music, while "rocking", was somewhat derivative, then they came into their own past their debut.

c) Neon Ballroom is one of the best albums ever made and would have been better, but the band themselves were pressured by fans demanding "rocking" tunes,

d) Are you American? You guys never quite got the 'Chair

e) Straight lines is a fantastic song, and upon more listens will quickly have you in raptures. Plus, he is playing a Teisco in the clip, that's awesomely hilarious.

f) You are a douche bag part 2: this is the wrong forum

My, I really shouldn't have bothered.
Wrong forum.
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