All right, so I've been kicking around the idea for an online band for a little bit, and decided I should give it a shot.

First off, I play bass, I consider myself to be at an average skill level. I record using the standard microphone that comes with a computer and Audacity. So sound quality is pretty low.

As of now, I'm looking for a drummer to work with, and later on, I hope to add a guitarist or two, it all depends.

I'd like to talk with anyone interested in this, it'd be less about musical tastes and more about being able to get along with each other. Though for the record, I'm into alternative and indie mostly. I can appreciate most any style, so don't be put off if you're into metal or anything.

Any skill level is fine, just message me and we can talk. This'll probably be a real casual hobby thing, it won't take up a big part of anyone's schedule.
When crying don't help
You can't compose yourself
It's best to compose a poem
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hahahaha, what the hell is with online bands? I don't mean to put down your idea, but it doesn't make any sense to me. You write something meaningful. You send it to someone to hardly know. It's like saying... "Hey, steal my work, I don't mind."
Hey man ur gonna think I'm crazy but I've actually been thinking about doing something like that to... I play guitar myself... and bass... a little drums but not great, same with piano... now I'm starting on the harmonica. But mostly guitar.
Guitarjunkie, it's cool, it's not for everyone. It's just something to keep you sharp and creative musically, not a huge thing.
When crying don't help
You can't compose yourself
It's best to compose a poem
An honest verse of longing
Or a simple song of hope...
soudns like people are desperate, well 1. if i was to be in an internet band i would start by telling people my influences, what i can play, what i want to sound like, shit like that. then supply an audio sample to show my quality, skill, and something i can write. then i would have people not try out, just find anyone whos good. just some tips. oh yeah there was supposed to be a 2. in there somewhere to follow up on the 1. above. anyways.
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I'm absolutely interested. I'm a guitarist, I like to think I can play almost any style of music. I prefer playing things like jazz or just songs with jazz-like qualities (modulations, etc.), but I'm able to play (and much more proficient at) general rock, blues, avant-garde nonsense music, and pretty much whatever else. I'm taking a remedial theory class right now, for an idea on how much I can understand stuff about music.

Just a question, though, how will this work? Like, will someone write out music for everyone else to play, or will someone send a piece of a song, and other people will have to interpret what to add to it? I use garageband for recording, and I plan on getting Logic Express, so I would have no problems mixing it or something like that, too.

This sounds like a really cool idea.
i'm a guitarist and i'd be interested. if you still wanna do this, PM me
I'm the old drummer from a band called Last Act Standing if you'd like to check that music out as reference. I'd be happy to lay some drums down and see how you like it. Hit me up to talk logistics if you're interested.
lol id be in for guitar X D got a ok(by ok i mean lower end) recording system a mic and a mixer. also i've been playing guitar for 4 years and am more of a lead guitarist(can play rhythm well) and know plenty of music theory. if your still up for a guitarist hit me up im always open.