i live in a sealed box but devastation is everywhere
i can see it, touch it, feel it, absorb it
the corpses of remonstrance rot on city streets
as puppets push buttons, noble cynics falter
ignorance may be bliss in this fleeting moment
but what you don't know can hurt you
my liberation has implications
but freedom's burden is worthwhile

staring down the ethos of self-destruction
into a mirror
a dissertation of inadequecies
in black on paper
looking to the comfort of a hospital bed
for hands tied solace
diggging my own meagre grave with
routine ignorance

my ties to society severed, my crimes too big to overlook
no remorse for questioning your absurd rationalities
fear me, for i scorn your fabrications
and take my life into my own hands

playing with reason in the darkness
ending up crossing swords
looking for meaning where its non-existant
futile and wearing
sequentially a condemned freedom
will be apparent
and contstructs fall like frontline men
existence simple