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8 53%
7 47%
Voters: 15.
First off sorry if I spelt the band's name wrong. Okay, I'm not one to say a band sucks because I dont like them. But in this case it is different, what do they do thats so great?? I mean they have a major record deal, but they arent doing anything!! I think they should stop making music, its not good, not good at all .
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They aren't amazing but they are good to relax to and great to play to get girls
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I rather like some of their songs, albeit they're very poppy, but I like some poppy stuff, so meh
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Moron 5? Wicked. Dey ar t3h shr3ddz0rz!


They also have some major metal influences.
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maroon 5, they were poplular when they had all those singles....i haven't heard of them since
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Okay, I'm not one to say a band sucks because I dont like them.
Sorry, but you did.
They had two hits, Harder To Breathe and (I think) This Love. If they're ever heard from again, I'll be surprised.