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If you were forced this very second to stop playing the instrument you play now and play a new one, what instrument would it be, and what would the first riff/song that you learn be?

I would play bass, and learn the intro to Dead Heart In A Dead World by Nevermore
drums- mota by the offspring
Jackson Dinky (Yeah)
Crate Flexwave 120 Head (Yeah)
Randall RX412 (Yeah)
bass - the real me - who
kazoo - crosstown traffic - hendrix
harmonica - the river - thunder road - springsteen

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Violin - Paganini's 5th Caprice

Bassoon - Flight of the Bumblebee

Irish flute - transposed version of Serrana
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Violin and I would learn the intro to entombment of a machine by job for a cowboy XD
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Piano - Where'er You Walk by Handel.
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

Master Volume : 0
i dunno about the rest
I'll pick either the harmonica or a Sax 'cause they're just too cool.
Harmonica: The Hurricane
Sax: Take 5 - Dave Brubeck band (The guitar part on a Sax, that would be sweet!)

..Or just MOney by Pink Floyd
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Ben Hamelech
Jump - Van Halen

Keyboards, naturally.
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Jump - Van Halen

Keyboards, naturally.

+1 cool points to you,
And if i played bass
Crazy Train - Black sabbath (when they had ozzy)
Cello and play one by metallica, but oh wait I can do that already.Also violin and I'll play caprice no. 5 by Paganini .
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drums - in bloom - nirvana or in the air tonight - phil collins
piano - boston -augustana
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Quote by BassistGal
Sax: Take 5 - Dave Brubeck band (The guitar part on a Sax, that would be sweet!)

Uh...That was a sax. Paul Desmond, who wrote the song, was the saxophone player for the Dave Brubeck Quartet. I don't think they ever had a guitarist with them, now that I think about it.
Clarinet- I`d write my own, due to my ignorance of clarinet music
Double Bass- Mr. Krinkle by Primus, or write my own.
Lets not let this thread die yet....

I would also learn:

Violin - Cowboys From Hell intro (it can be done, I saw someone do it on the Pantera home video)
Drums - The fill in "Ruin" by Lamb Of God
Bass or Drums, Tool- Reflection
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get up and jump - chili peppers
higher ground - chili peppers

chili peppers....
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by the way...

Quote by Dudewithanaxe
Cello and play one by metallica, but oh wait I can do that already

good thing your not braggin eh?
I'll believe in anything and you'll believe in anything.
Violin, elnor's magic valley - rhapsody
also when they play on the beach in queen of the damned movie

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on any instrument


A lot of you are just crazy expecting you can play anything beyond those basic tunes on your first times.
Piano - Moonlight sonata
Violin - Canon in D major

edit: that's what I would want to play, it would probably be some children's song like the above poster said

2nd edit:
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