I have an AC 25/SR Plus Breedlove that I'm absolutely in love with. Everything about it is great except the rosewood fretboard. It is covered in white gunk from playing so much and I've tried cleaning it numerous times. I have some dunlop fretboard formula and fretboard cloths but they don't do anything. The white gunk is stubborn and won't come out of the creases. Help me guys, I really have no idea what to do about this. Also kind've a dumb question but, is rosewood more of a brownish color or black. The reason I ask this is that some little parts like under my strings are brown but like 90percent is more black which I can't remember if that was the original color of my fretboard when I got it. I have pics to show a little more what we're working with.

rosewood is brown, ebony is like a really dark brown close to black. that white gunk is actually kinda green when you get it out. i use an old toothbrush to get the gunk out, brushing with/in the direction of the grain.

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