So, I have a 3 single coil strat and I got to wondering... Humbuckers are just two single coils wired in parallel (or series? not sure). Anyways, could you not designate two single coils to act together as a humbucker by rewiring your stuff? Theoretically, I'd think it should work, but has it ever been tried? Succesfully? How?
That's a Yes and No sorta thing. Fender has an S1 switching system that sorta' pulls off what you're talking about, But not so much. A humbucker is a humbucker because all of the pole peices are rigged to an alnico maginet bar, And that bar is what in essentual provides the massive amounts of crunch. A singlecoil dosen't have this alnico bar, Or at least not one as heavy and this may not provide the power a humbucker can. In truth, With single coils, The closest thing you're going to get to what you want is a Five way switch and active on board preamp.
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Humbuckers work by basically having 2 single coils right next to each other with opposite polarities, which cancels the hum. From what I've heard, the middle pickup on a strat type setup has opposite polarity from the other two which helps keep down the noise. As far as getting the same sound from single coils as from humbuckers, it can't be done.