I realise this may not be a very fitting part of the forum, but if anyone's sure to listen to Paul Gilbert, it's here.

I have noticed that he has absolutely no reviews on UG, which is rather disappointing, seeing that he's just brought out an album to completely flatten (even while listening to) Super Colossal, and has announced to be on the next G3.

The album is Get Out of My Yard, and if you havn't heard it and if you like any modern virtuoso (I have a mate who HATES virtuosos, but makes an exception for Paul Gilbert, just because he's awsome ;D) then you'd better 'hurry up' (track #2)

I tried to write a review a while ago for it, but wouldn't post because of... idk, but it pissed me off, and wasted an hour, which I don't want to even try again.
So if someone's sure on writing them and knows any of his albums, put them up, they're all good.

I guess the real problem is that (now I am guessing here) he's a guitarist targeting the asian market, and (still guessing) this site isn't, so would explain. Thing is, this album is completely instrumental, and shows none of the (sorry to be so blatant) 'asian-ness' of his other albums (has a very slick style like Super Colossal).
So ... yeah
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i liked Get out of my yard because it was an instrumental. all his other cds I listened to had vocals that I didn't enjoy so I stopped listening to em. i hope to see him, satriani and petrucci at the G3 concert later this month.
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yes i totally agree, gilbert is amazing he deserves reviews..bigtime
I play guitar =]
Paul Gilbert is one of my favorist guitar player, of all times.
I love hes 'clean' and sharp tone

On October 2007, hes comming to buenos aires, argentina, along with satriani and petrucci, i will purchase the ticket as soonas its for sale.
Paul Gilbert is the shit, but you know who else is often overlooked, but does well in Japan? MARTY!!
hes amazing
I met him on thursday in a guitar clinic
someone needs to write a review for his new album but not me
i suck at that
oh and he played all his songs just like the cd
no one except Paul gilbert dosent make mistakes
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Paul Gilbert is the shit, but you know who else is often overlooked, but does well in Japan? MARTY!!

+1 music for speeding is equal to get out of my yard