my first post in the recordings thread!

here's a 40 second recording of my crappy playing


this time i decided to use simple minimalist gear:
guitar->gt2->TS9->Peavey rage 158

EX400 with 81/81 (i got it back YAY!!)
I used the bridge for rhythm and neck for the lead

Sansamp GT2
The main distortion comes from this stompbox, probably about 90% of the distortion you hear in the clip. (Center, Hi-gain, Marshall)

Ibanez TS9
I used this after the GT2 with drive at 0 as a clean boost with mid bump. But it kinda sounds bad in the clip though, my lead tone doesnt sound like that irl

Peavey Rage 158
The gt2 was a lil too tight sounding, so i used about 10% amp overdrive to make it slightly fuzzy and looser.

For recording i used some no name mic which came free with my hi-fi set into my pc's mic in and used Audacity(quite a decent freeware program). The rhythm consists of 3 different guitar tracks - treble on the left, bass on the right and neutral in the center. The lead was just 1 track by itself. I almost tore my hair out trying to synchonise the 4 tracks together . No effects or mixing were made in Audacity, just saved and exported into mp3. Hope you like it
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Over all, I thought that it sounded really good, but you should of brought the Amplification down with Audacity a little as it fuzzes up a bit on me speakers!

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sounded really middle eastern ( the solo ) the backing rhythm could have been WAY better though. not interesting at all the rhythm. but i liked the solo.
thanks for the comments guys. I dont really listen to that much metal so this was just some random riff i came up with, basically just a recording of gt2 for anyone considering getting a good distortion pedal, pretty borring huh

I'll *try* to record more complete stuff, but i dont know how to add drums
Peavey 5150, LTD EX400BD, tubescreamer, and a whole lotta fingers
hey dude.. as a gt-2 user myself, its nice for you to share your recording with the gt-2.. mind telling what setting you used with your song? and mind clicking my sig. some of my recordings are recorded using the gt-2.. just sharing thoughts bro.. thanks..

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sorry i didnt notice someone posted here

the knob setting is highs at 2 oclock, lows at 2:30 and gain full. Im using the version 1 GT2 with the LED at the side. I also used a bit of amp overdrive, just a bit, to make it a little fuzzy.
Peavey 5150, LTD EX400BD, tubescreamer, and a whole lotta fingers
andrea: for drums check out acoustica beatcraft. download the trial version and see if you like it, or "get it somewhere else" if you catch my drift.....
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ok thanks! i'll check it out
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