well.. i'm kinda new to guitar building... so i want to know what the hell Truss rod is for.... and is a simple iron stick goodenough to serve as a truss rod...

however... which wood is used to cover truss rod?... plz answer
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correct me if im wrong guys but isnt a truss rod for making the neck not bend? and thats why you can ajdust it to bend the neck if has been bent?
The truss rod controlls how much the neck bends. There are 2 types of truss rods. Dual action truss rods and compression rods. Dual action truss rods are basically a long steel rod that is threaded on one end and then bent in half. As the name suggests, you can adjust the bow of the neck in 2 direction with one of these. A compresson rod is a bowed rod with a bolt on one end and in anchore on the other. When a compression rod is installed into a guitar neck it bends backwards when you tighten the bolt. But when you loosen the bolt it just goes back to it's original shape. That means you can only adjust the neck 1 direction.

If you are looking to have something nonadjustable you could use a carbon fiber rod, or one of the U style rods that they used to use in cheap martins. This will add support without too much weight.
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